News: Bin Laden Had Weed Crop Growning In The Back Yard

No wonder why this dudes house had 20 ft walls around it. Hit the jump for the full story and the video.

The HuffinDetails are continuing to emerge regarding Osama bin Laden’s top-secret Abbottabad compound, but the discovery of some high-strength marijuana plants just yards from the home has set the blogosphere aflame with speculation.

Said to be worth $1 million (though that estimate is now hotly debated), the home of the world’s most feared terrorist has attracted crowds of Pakistanis and media to its now sealed-off gates. But a stroll around the 20-foot-tall, barbed wire-ringed walls led CNN’s Nic Robertson to the cannibis crop, barely hidden alongside a garden of cabbages and potatoes.

But whether or not bin Laden and his family were growing the weed for recreational purposes remains a mystery. As the Daily Mail reports, it has long been speculated that the Al Qaeda leader suffered from kidney failure, which would allow him to get a prescription for medical marijuana in many U.S. states.