Music News: Jadakiss Says He Recorded New Track With Lil Wayne, Drake & Young Jeezy For ‘Carter IV

Jadakiss just revealed to VIBE that he has recorded a track for Lil Wayne’s “Carter IV” and will be recording a track with Jeezy for TM103. The C4 track will feature Jada, Wayne,Drake and Jeezy. Jada’s “I Love You” mixtape drops May 24th.
“I just recorded a joint for Tha Carter IV,” says Jadakiss between tokes of his blunt. “I also got to do something for Jeezy’s TM103 today or tomorrow. Those joints are going to cover a lot of ground.”  
 “As far as I know it’s a 100%. It’s supposed to be me, Weezy, Jeezy and Drake—that’s what Mack told me. I can’t remember the name of the song but it’s pain on the record,” Jada tells “It’s definitely some deep lyrics, not just some popping bottles sh*t.”