Kicks: Gilbert Arenas Wore $7,730 Worth Of Shoes This 2010-’2011 NBA Season

The Champ is here.. The Sneaker Champ i mean, and Gilbert Arenas took the 2010-2011 NBA Sneaker champ award by wearing a womping $7,730 in sneakers during the 2010-’2011 NBA Season. To look at the whole sneaker watch from Gilbert Arenas go after the jump… Via CounterKicks
Arenas wore the Jordan signatures, lifestyles, Nike retros, trainers, the Under Armour line, plus Reebok and Fila,with a special appearance by Dolce & Gabbana kicks.
According to CounterKicks “At the 2011 NBA All-Star break in February, ….first half season inventory of the $5,643 worth of shoes Gilbert had worn to that point. “