News: 212 Area Code for Sale on Ebay for a Milli???

Yea, I know 212 is the most exclusive area code in the country, but is it really worth a milli? If you wanted to be cool (NOT!) and have a 212 area code, now is your chance!!!! Some dude from Jersey is selling his 212 number on Ebay!! HP

Dude has been trying to sell his 212 number for years now but now he realizes that number can go for some serious cash.
The seller, who chose to only be referred to by his first name, Carmen, in the Daily News article, first put the number up a year ago, but said he received no “serious” offers. Now he thinks he can get seven figures for the easy-to-remember number.
Listed as (212)-5XX-9000 in the ebay post, the number was actually accidentally given to the New Jersey retiree when he requested a double or triple zero number 35 years ago. Naturally, Verizon wanted their coveted number back.
“They typically reserve numbers like these for big companies, and they wanted it back. I said, ‘No way,’” he told the Daily News. While the legality is unclear, Verizon does often transfer numbers.
In either case Carmen is hoping his special number can fetch the price tag he wants, though his listing was wise to have a footnote under the phrase “Make An Offer” which reads: “(Reasonable Offers Considered).”